Setting up git

Setting up git
Author: Mohammad Amaan Abbasi | Jan. 14, 2019

1. Downloading Git

The first thing you need to do is to download Git, click here. You will be redirected to the Git website where you need to select the Git version based on your operating system you are using.

2. Installing Git

when you've successfully started the installer, you should see the Git Setup wizard screen. Follow the Next and Finish prompts to complete the installation. The default options are pretty sensible for most users.

3. Setting your username in Git

Git uses a username to associate commits with an identity. The Git username is not the same as your GitHub username.

Open Command Prompt

git config --global "yourname"

Don't close the Command Prompt yet.

4. Setting your commit email address in Git

GitHub uses the email address set in your local Git configuration to associate commits pushed from the command line with your GitHub account.

The following instruction does the association b/w your local Git and Github account:

git config --global ""

To check whether the "Name" and "Email" were added

git config --global yourname

git config --global

What you have done so far ?

You saw how to download and install git for your type of operating system. Then you set up git to communicate between your local machine and your Github account.